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T1 wall mounted or floor standing air conditioner is available. Our wall mounted air conditioner comes with intelligent defrosting function to judge whether there is a need for frosting through monitor the coil temperature in the indoor unit rather than that in the outdoor unit. This assures higher operation accuracy and won't cause the air conditioning unit to defrost by mistake, thus enhancing the average heating capacity and saving energy. Meanwhile, our T1 floor standing air conditioning possesses wide air supply angle range and can be easily set with big screen display. Furthermore, our T1 air conditioner has anti-mould function to effectively avoid mould and bacteria growth as well as ensure the indoor air quality through automatically blowing dry the interior of the equipment to remove the remained water.

This company is an experienced T1 air conditioner manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including R410A 60Hz split wall mounted air conditioner (fixed frequency), R22 60Hz EX5 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner, R22 T3 50Hz single phase floor standing air conditioner, and more.

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