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50Hz series air conditioner covers wall mounted air conditioner, floor standing air conditioner and portable air conditioner. The wall mounted air conditioner adopts ENC electromagnetic compatibility technology to offer superior anti-interference capability, generate ultra low electromagnetic radiation, as well as create a cosy and healthy indoor environment. In addition, it possesses automatic switch on and off function to ensure the comfortable indoor temperature, thus saving the energy. Meanwhile, our 50Hz floor standing air conditioning instantly creates the desired temperature with low operating noise for large rooms. Lastly, compared to other common air conditioner, our 50Hz portable air conditioning comes with better local cooling effect. It features convenient use without outdoor unit and is beyond space limitation, you can move it to living room, kitchen or other places as you like. Moreover, customized service is also available.

This company is a professional 50Hz air conditioner manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer R22 60Hz EX3 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner, R410A 50Hz EX3 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner (variable frequency), T1 50Hz split wall mounted air conditioner (India standard), and more.

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