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R410A series air conditioner comes with wall mounted air conditioner and portable air conditioner. Our energy saving R410A wall mounted air conditioner employs efficient and environmental refrigerant which is free from fluoride to offer superior thermal conductivity and high condensing rate. It is environmental and has no damage to ozone. In addition, the wall mounted air conditioner which is ideal for household air conditioning features easy operation, convenient installation and space-saving, as well as instantly creates the desired temperature. Above all, our qualified R410A air conditioner has first class after sale service, so it is worth your trust and ease of purchase.

As a China-based R410A air conditioner manufacturer and supplier, the company also offers R22 60Hz portable air conditioner (208-230V), R22 50Hz EX2 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner, and T3 50Hz EX1 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner, among others.

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