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R22 series air conditioner which includes wall mounted air conditioner, floor standing air conditioner and portable air conditioner, is warmly welcomed with rational design, reliable performance and competitive price. The energy saving floor standing air conditioner has automatic cleaning function to effectively clean the evaporator from inside to outside, thus ensuring stable operation and long life span. Therefore, it is suitable for commercial use. However, the wall mounted air conditioner which is a split air conditioning unit is applicable for domestic use. Last but not the least, without installation, our portable air conditioner can effectively and instantly create comfortable environment and generate low noise.

This company is a professional R22 air conditioner manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide variety of products, including R22 T3 60Hz EX1 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner, floor standing air conditioner, R22 115V/60Hz portable air conditioner, and much more.

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