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Portable air conditioner features easy mobility, convenience and low cost. Its evaporator being integrated tightly with the condenser, no installation is needed without outdoor unit. Our product can be applied to the building where outdoor unit can not be mounted onto the outer wall. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for temporary offices, houses, outdoor command centers, computer server rooms and many others. Most importantly, being stylish and lightweight by adopting integral design, our portable air conditioner is an ideal home air conditioning and suitable for kitchen, living room, and so on. We are mainly specialized in manufacturing A, B, C or other series portable air conditioner.

Standard Designs and Functions
1. Automatic switch on and off function
2. Intelligent defrosting function(7K/9K/12K)
3. Strong wind(7K/9K/12K)
4. Intelligent sleeping mode
5. Up and down wind
6. Screen display
7. Ultra low electromagnetic radiation

Optional Designs and Functions
1. Automatic hydro-cleaning function
2. Automatic restart function
3. Anti-mould function
4. Man-machine interaction function
5. Breathing vitamin C filter
6. Anti-bacteria filtering net
7. Filtering net cleaning reminding function
8. Golden color radiation fins

1. The multi-fold evaporator
2. Left and right wind
3. High-voltage electrostatic dust removal function
4. Japanese famous brand air compressors
5. High effective design pattern
6. Dual silent design

This company is an experienced portable air conditioner manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as floor standing air conditioner, split wall mounted air conditioner, and more.

Other Products
  • EX1 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner As shown in the picture, EX1 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner comes with cool black color steel front panel. The integral steel panel with thickness of 1.2mm, which is 0.4mm thicker than its counterparts, offers higher strength and deformation resistance. The aesthetical design makes the air conditioning unit fashion and popular in the market ...
  • EX3 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner EX3 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner comes with stylish flat-surface design, which is aesthetical and elegant. The fashion design easily matches with interior decoration, to create harmonious interior environment.
    Meanwhile, the front panel surface is made using high density transparent PC material, so its color is customizable according to clients' favorites. Our standard colors are black and white ...