R22 60Hz Portable Air Conditioner (Electric Heating)

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R22 60Hz Portable Air Conditioner (Electric Heating)

R22 60Hz portable air conditioner with perfect cooling effect is warmly welcomed due to its convenience and low purchasing cost. It is commonly used for public places such as temporary outdoor command center, machinery room, control room and the like. Its air flow volume comes in 380m3 per hour and 400m3 per hour. Two types like 9K and 12K AC units are separately suitable for the rooms of 10 to 20m2 as well as the rooms of 13 to 37m2. Last but not the least, 20' carton holds 80 pieces of air conditioners. Our company is near to the port, so you don't have to care about the delivery.

Technical Specifications
Operating voltage: 115V

Type/ Capacity 9K 12K
Cooling Capacity Btu/h 9000 12000
W 2500 3200
Heating Capacity Btu/h 5300 5300
W 1550 1550
Rated Input Cooling W 1000 1280
Heating W 1550 1550
Rated Current Cooling A 8.7 11.2
Heating A 13.5 7.4
EER W/W 2.51 2.50
COP W/W / /
Air Flow Volume m3/h 380 400
Noise Level (H/M/L) dB(A) 51/48/47 51/48/47
Net Dimension & Weight
W×H×D mm 490 ×829 ×420 490 ×829 ×420
Net Weight Kg 38 38
Packing Dimension & Gross Weight
W×H×D mm 680×880×460 680×880×460
Gross Weight Kg 41 41
Applicable Area & Packing Quantity
Applicable Area m2 10-20 13-27
Packing Quantity 20' /40'/40'H 80/168/252 80/168/252

This company is a China 22 60Hz portable air conditioner (electric heating) manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as R22 T3 60Hz EX1 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner, T1 50Hz EX2 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner (India standard), and R22 T3 50Hz single phase floor standing air conditioner.

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