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A Series Portable Air Conditioner is a household air conditioner with outstanding performance. The automatic restart function allows it automatically restart and continue operate according to the previous settings when the power supply is restored. Consequently, our product is extremely suitable for the areas with unstable voltage or frequent unexpected blackouts, and its life span won't be influenced. Compared to other common air conditioning, it possesses better cooling effect. Plus being suitable for the area where outdoor unit can't be mounted, A Series Portable Air Conditioner is really ideal domestic air cooler.

Standard Designs and Functions
1. Automatic switch on and off function
2. Adjustable wind with three grades
3. Intelligent sleeping mode
4. Ultra low electromagnetic radiation
5. Condensate water automatic consumption
6. Touch key
7. Mirror control panel
8. Adjustable wind direction

Optional Designs and Functions
1. Automatic restart function
2. Man-machine interaction function
3. Breathing vitamin C filter
4. Anti-bacteria filtering net
5. Golden color radiation fins
6. Remote control

As a professional portable air conditioner manufacturer in China, we provide not only portable air conditioner, but also floor standing air conditioner, and split wall mounted air conditioner.

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