R410A 50Hz Portable Air Conditioner (220-240V)

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R410A 50Hz Portable Air Conditioner (220-240V)

R410A 50Hz portable air conditioner comes with air flow volume of 450m3 per hour and generates the maximum noise level of 50db. With the high-definition touch screen, it is easily to adjust the wind speed, switch on and off automatically, as well as automatically adjust the room temperature to keep optimum skin temperature while sleeping. A sleeping button allows users to set the equipment switch off time, enabling you to have a deep sleep at nights due to the always comfortable room temperature. Two types like 9K and 12K are separately available for the rooms of 8 to 15m2 and the rooms of 10 to 20m2.

Technical Specifications

Type/ Capacity 9K 12K
Cooling Capacity Btu/h 9000 12000
W 2638 3517
Heating Capacity Btu/h 8000 11000
W 2345 3224
Rated Input Cooling W 1034 1254
Heating W 870 1085
Rated Current Cooling A 9.0 10.9
Heating A 7.6 9.4
EER W/W 2.55 2.80
COP W/W 2.70 2.97
Air Flow Volume( Indoor) m3/h 450 450
Noise Level dB(A)(L/M/H) 46/48/50 46/48/50
Net Dimension & Weight
W×H×D(mm) 320×830×500 320×830×500
Net Weight(Indoor/Outdoor Unit) Kg 34 34
Packing Dimension & Gross Weight
W×H×D(mm) 365×880×550 365×880×550
Gross Weight(Indoor/Outdoor Unit) Kg 37 37
Applicable Area & Packing Quantity
Applicable Area m2 8-15 10-20
Packing Quantity 20' /40'/40'H 180/280/405 180/280/405

As a China-based R410A 50Hz portable air conditioner (220-240V)manufacturer and supplier, the company offers a broad range of products that includes R22 60Hz portable air conditioner, R410A 60Hz EX7 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner (Brazil A grade), EX3 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner, and more.

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