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With automatic switch on and off function, BR4 Floor Standing Air Conditioner achieves energy efficiency while creating comfortable interior temperature. Plus the intelligent sleeping mode which generates low noise, it not only gives you sound sleep, but also saves electricity. In addition, our air conditioner offers superior anti-interference capability and generates ultra low electromagnetic radiation, thus ensuring a cosy indoor environment. As well, you can choose the high-tech anion generator to increase the indoor anion content, so you can enjoy the natural fresh air even at home.

Standard Designs and Functions
1. Intelligent defrosting function (7k/9k/12k)
2. Strong wind function (7k/9k/12k)
3. Up and down wind
4. Screen display
5. Auxiliary electrical heating function

Optional Designs and Functions
1. Automatic hydro-cleaning function
2. Automatic restart function
3. Anti-mould function
4. Man-machine interaction function
5. Breathing vitamin C filter
6. Anti-bacteria filtering net
7. Filtering net cleaning reminding function
8. Golden color radiation fins

1. The multi-fold evaporator
2. Left and right wind
3. High-voltage electrostatic dust removal function
4. Japanese famous brand air compressors
5. High effective design pattern
6. Dual silent design

We are a BR4 Floor Standing Air Conditioner manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including R22 50Hz EX3 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner, R410A 50Hz split wall mounted air conditioner (variable frequency), R22 115V/60Hz portable air conditioner, and more.

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