R22 T3 50Hz Three Phase Floor Standing Air Conditioner

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R22 T3 50Hz Three Phase Floor Standing Air Conditioner

Technical Specifications
Operating voltage: 380- 415V

Type/ Capacity 42K 50K
Cooling Capacity Btu/h 42000 50000
W 12309 14654
Heating Capacity Btu/h 46000+11000 52000+11000
W 13480+3220 15250+3220
Rated Input Cooling W 4770 5250
Heating W 4890+3000 5350+3200
Rated Current Cooling A 7.6 23.9
Heating A 7.8+4.5 24.3+14.5
EER W/W 2.58 2.68
COP W/W 2.76 2.85
Air Flow Volume( Indoor Unit) m3/h 1800 2100
Noise Level Indoor Unit(H/M/L) dB(A) 48/43/41 48/43/41
Outdoor Unit dB(A) 58 58
Net Dimension & Weight
W×H×D Indoor Unit mm 560×1910×360 560×1910×360
Outdoor Unit mm 1255×945×340 1255×945×340
Net Weight(Indoor/Outdoor Unit) Kg 58/61.5 59/103
Packing Dimension & Gross Weight
W×H×D Indoor Unit mm 680×2020×510 680×2020×510
Outdoor Unit mm 1300×1085×430 1300×1085×430
Gross Weight(Indoor/Outdoor Unit) Kg 72/69 73/110
Applicable Area & Packing Quantity
Applicable Area m2 60-90 80-100
Packing Quantity 20' /40'/40'H 18/36/48 18/36/46

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