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BR1 Floor Standing Air Conditioner

With the touch screen which can be locked after being set, BR1 Floor Standing Air Conditioner can be started to instantly provide refrigeration or heating without any troubles caused by the accidentally changed setting. For high humidity areas, air conditioner with mould proof function is available to ensure healthy air through automatically blow-drying the residual moisture inside as well as effectively avoiding mould and bacteria thriving. Abundant optional functions are available for you according to the elements such as regions, usable area and the like.

Technical Specifications

Type/Capacity 18K 24K 30K
Cooling Capacity Btu/h 18000 24000 30000
W 5275 7034 8800
Heating Capacity Btu/h 19800 27000 3300
W 5803 7913 9700
Rated Input Cooling W 1810 2470 3350
Heating W 1910 2590 3450
Rated Current Cooling A 7.9 10.7 13
Heating A 7.9 11.2 13
EER W/W 2.92 2.85 2.63
COP W/W 3.1 3.05 2.81
Air Flow Volume( Indoor Unit) m3/h 950 1000 1200
Noise Level Indoor Unit(L/M/H) dB(A) 45/40/38 45/40/38 45/40/38
Outdoor Unit dB(A) 53 54 54
Net Dimension & Weight
W×H×D Indoor Unit mm 1780×500×300 1780×500×300 1780×500×300
Outdoor Unit mm 800×590×300 800×690×300 902×332×795
Net Weight(Indoor/Outdoor Unit) Kg 38/51 38/55 38/55
Packing Dimension & Gross Weight
W×H×D Indoor Unit mm 1830×566×340 1830×566×340 1830×566×340
Outdoor Unit mm 940×650×420 940×750×420 940×750×420
Gross Weight(Indoor/Outdoor) Kg 48/54 48/59 48/60
Applicable Area & Packing Quantity
Applicable Area m2 20~40 30~55 40-67
Packing Quantity 20' /40'/40'H 40/68/84 30/65/80 30/65/80

Standard Designs and Functions
1. 300-degree wind
2. Remote air supply
3. Avoid cold air on human body directly
4. Fast refrigeration or heating
5. Ultra low electromagnetic radiation
6. Auxiliary electrical heating function
7. Superior dehumidification function
8. DSP chip

Optional Designs and Functions
1. Automatic cleaning function
2. Automatic restart function
3. Man-machine interaction function
4. Anion generator
5. Bacteria sterilizing and filtering net
6. Multifunction filtering net
7. Golden color radiation fins

As an experienced BR1 Floor Standing Air Conditioner manufacturer based in China, the company offers a comprehensive range of products that includes BR2 Floor Standing Air Conditioner, BR3 Floor Standing Air Conditioner, BR4 Floor Standing Air Conditioner, and more.

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