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Split wall mounted air conditioner features flexible and convenient installation due to its split type structure design. It is easy to accommodate the interior decoration style and is free from installation position restrictions. It is an ideal home air conditioning choice.
In order to suit customers' varied demands, we can supply different types of products, including split wall mounted air conditioners which generate low operational noise to assure comfortable environment.

Standard Designs and Functions
1. Automatic switch on and off function. Equipped with a time switch, the split wall mounted air conditioner can be switched on and off automatically at a preset time or times according to customers' demands. This not only creates comfortable interior temperature but also achieves energy efficiency.
2. Our 7K to 12K split type AC units come with intelligent defrosting function. They judge whether there is a need for frosting through monitor the coil temperature in the indoor unit rather than that in the outdoor unit. This assures higher operation accuracy and won't cause the air conditioning unit to defrost by mistake, which improves the average heating capacity and saves energy.
3. 7K to 12K series are also designed with TURBO Operation mode to achieve fast refrigeration or heating inside a room. Under TURBO mode, the AC operates in a speed which is 100 revolutions higher than the maximum rated speed to achieve fast cooling or heating. Never need to wait for a long time any more.
4. Avoid cold air on human body directly. Under heating mode, our user-friendly designed split type air conditioner can avoid blowing cold air on users at the initial stage when the evaporator temperature hasn't reached a certain level. Because the indoor unit of our AC won't start working before the evaporator gets to the desired temperature.
5. Under intelligent sleeping mode, the wall mounted air conditioner can automatically adjust the room temperature to keep optimum skin temperature while sleeping. A SLEEPING button allows users to set the equipment switch off time. The function enables you to have a deep sleep at nights due to the always comfortable room temperature.
6. User friendly screen display. The split type air-conditioning unit is user friendly designed to satisfy users' requirements. Its display status can be adjusted to ensure the highest sleeping quality at night. Deep sleep is vital to human health.
7. Thanks to Electromagnetic Compatibility technology, split air conditioner offers superior anti-interference capability, generates ultra low electromagnetic radiation, and keeps a comfortable indoor environment.

Exclusive Standard Designs
The multi-fold evaporator coil in the indoor unit functions to increase heat exchange area and improves the cooling and heating efficiency. The design also makes those types of split AC more compact in structure.
These air conditioning units keeps the lowest maintenance due to the adoption of Toshiba, NEC, Motorola, Renesas, and other international famous brand CPU.
The front panel of these split wall mounted air conditioners is made of high bright ABS engineering plastic and undergoes high temperature polishing. So, even after long term use, the surface keeps its initial brightness, won't become yellowish, and won't deform.

Optional Designs and Functions
1. Automatic hydro-cleaning function makes sure the evaporator is clean all the year round. The four cleaning steps, from low power-consumption condensing, through fast-heating and cleaning, forceful dirt removal, to final dewatering and drying, can effectively clean the evaporator from inside to outside.
2. Automatic restart function allows the split type air conditioner to restart and continue operate according to previous settings when the power supply is restored. That is, when there is an accident electric power failure, users don't need to reset and restart the equipment by themselves any more.
3. Anti-mould function. When the split wall mounted air conditioning unit is switched off after cooling or dehumidification, it can automatically blow dry the interior of the equipment to remove the remained water. This can effectively prevent mould and bacteria growth and help ensure the indoor air quality as well.
4. An optional bio-grade sterilizing filter is available to effectively help eliminate harmful bacteria from our wall mounted air conditioners, thus avoiding secondary pollution to the air and assuring high interior air quality.
5. Equipped with a high-tech anion generator, unit can increase the negative ion content in the room. This allows users to enjoy the fresh air at home as if in a forest.
6. An optional breathing vitamin C filter can create an indoor environment filled with vitamin C, which enables you to relax your skin and relieve your stress at any time. The net comes with at lest two years lifespan.
7. Nano-silver anti-bacteria filtering net. The optional dual-layer filtering net, making use of silver's disinfection function, can ensure the health and clean of an home air conditioner. Thereby, human health is guaranteed.
8. Filtering net cleaning reminding function. When the AC is utilized for half a month or above, the user is reminded to operate the AC in automatic filtering net cleaning mode or clean the filtering net manually when the unit is to be switched off.
9. International famous brand air compressors are optional. GMCC, Hitachi, and SANYO brand air compressors are available to assure the highly efficient refrigeration and long service life of the home air conditioning unit.
10. Golden color radiation fins. The heat exchanger for the outdoor unit adopts golden colored fins which are given special treatment to ensure increased corrosion resistance and overall performance. The durable fins also make the outdoor unit more beautiful.
11. Man-machine interaction function. The split type AC uniquely designs its room temperature sensor onto the remote controller. So, if the controller is beside the user, it will monitor the actual temperature around the user to make sure the room temperature keeps in the most comfortable range.

Note: In addition to above, some home air conditioning units come with exclusive standard or optional designs. Details are available in specific sub-pages.

As a professional split wall mounted air conditioner manufacturer in China, we provide not only split wall mounted air conditioner, but also floor standing air conditioner, portable air conditioner, and more.

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