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Exclusive Standard Designs
EX3 Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioner comes with stylish flat-surface design, which is aesthetical and elegant. The fashion design easily matches with interior decoration, to create harmonious interior environment.
Meanwhile, the front panel surface is made using high density transparent PC material, so its color is customizable according to clients' favorites. Our standard colors are black and white.

Exclusive Optional Designs
1. PLASMA Dust Collection Function. Split air conditioner can be designed with corona wire and a drum with positive electricity. When a high voltage DC passes through corona wires, corona discharge is created and large quantity of electrons, positive and negative ions are generated. When the air containing dust flows through the electrons and ions, it will collide with electrons which will then adhere on dust particles. Therefore, the dust particles are electrified, and then run in high speed to the drum due to the effect of electric field force. After that, dust particles deposit on drum surface, and finally automatically drop down to a dust hopper because of their own weight. The dust hopper needs periodical cleaning.
2. Outdoor Unit Heating. The outdoor unit of the split wall mounted air conditioner can be heated to effectively prevent freezing at the bottom part. This optional design helps remove the frost on the condenser completely, avoiding decreased air conditioning performance.

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